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Matching Swim Trunks: The Beachwear Trend That Is About to Dominate 2018

by Savage Global |

If you loved buying matching sweaters for everyone in the family during Christmas, then you will be thrilled to learn about the new “twinning” beachwear trends that is about to take the country by storm in 2018. This summer, your husband, and son can wear matching swim trunks and become the talk of the entire beach or swimming pool. 

Not only that father-son matching swim trunks look incredibly cute, but it’s also a fun and playful way that parents can bond with their kids.

With that in mind, let’s try to learn more about the “matchy-matchy” swimwear trend.

In Other Countries, People Love Matching Their Clothes

“Twinning” may be something new in the US, but in Asian countries like South Korea, Japan or China, people have been matching their clothes for a few years now. Wearing the same t-shirt, for example, has become the equivalent of making your relationship official.

While in Western cultures, wearing matching clothes is usually reserved for Christmas or Halloween and is usually done ironically, in the East things are a bit different. Matching couple outfits are extremely popular and intensely advertised on popular TV shows. Shops that sell “his” and “hers” apparel and accessories are hugely successful.

The trend is not limited to couples only. Friends and families have also jumped on the “twinning” bandwagon and have found pleasure in wearing matching apparel.

In China, for example, the parent-child outfit market emerged in the late 1980s and became extremely popular in the past few years. Popular TV shows, such as “Where Are We Going, Dad?” promote this style by featuring many instances in which the father and the son wear similar outfits. Moreover, a few years back, Zara launched the “Mommy’n’ Me” collection in some of the major Asian cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul or Beijing. The collection featured everything from casual wear to formal dresses both in adult and child size.

A New Trend Emerging in Western Markets

Parents in Asian markets see kids’ clothes as more than just a way to keep their kids warm. By looking beyond clothes’ functionality, a new sense of fashion style has emerged in the parent-child department.

The good news is that this trend is entering Western cultures, as well. In Europe, many retailers are catering to couples by selling complementary or matching men’s and women’s collections. In the US, brands like Le Club Original is embracing this trend as well by offering father-son matching swim trunks.

As the popularity of “twinning” increases, you can expect to see more and more people wearing complementary t-shirts with funny messages or families at the beach wearing matching swim trunks.


Is This Trend for Me?

The short answer is yes!

Mothers and daughters have been dressing alike for years.  Now, it’s the turn of the father and son to become a pair and make some wave in the fashion world. But, that’s not all: shopping for matching men’s swim trunks and boys swim trunks with your kid can be quite fun. You can choose a bold pattern that showcases your strong personalities. You will feel like you are young again while your child will get a boost in confidence, knowing that he is just as cool and stylish as his father.

Be careful, dads: we know that you tend to take the lead in most activities. While that’s not necessarily bad and you have a lot of knowledge and valuable tips to pass onto your little one, maybe it would be a great idea to let them pick the swim trunks they love. That can build their confidence and self-esteem.

If you are looking for matching swim trunks for you and your son, then you should check the fantastic collection from Le Club Original. Their father-son matching swim trunks come in fun and creative patterns merged with exceptional quality.