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The Rise of Matching Swim Trunks for Men & Boys

by Savage Global |

After a wave of mother and daughter dressed alike, now it is the turn of the father and son. Believed to be originated in Europe, the fashion trend of marketing identical clothes for parents and children arrived in the United States around 2010. 

There’s no age limit when it comes to having fun in the Sun, and the same idea applies to our swim trunks. In fact, having fun into old age is actively encouraged if you want to live a long and healthy life! Whether you’re 4 or 104, we have a fantastic selection of matching swim trunks for you to wear while you are out and about. 

Despite the coordination based on the adult model, the idea is not for the child to wear "adult clothing", but rather, to harmonically compose the clothing to suit the characteristics of both.

Following this trend, Le Club Original is bringing the beach fashion style “Like Father, Like Son” to the public this summer - An option of clothing for the weekend in the coastal region.

They are shorts and swimwear with the intention of making this relationship even more harmonious and as a way of showing all mutual affection and admiration between parents and children.

Love the looks? So now you already have a pretty original gift idea and can still access our store directly here from the blog! 

Pick matching prints or mix-and-match in different colors from our designer models: the choice is yours. Now shipping all orders, you will be having fun outdoors in your stylish father and son swimwear in no time! 

Active Benefits

Children and adults of all ages can benefit from a splash in the sea or the local pool. Swimming has often been called the ‘perfect exercise’ because it gives you an aerobic workout without putting pressure on your joints. Besides being fun and relaxing, swimming burns calories, keeps you flexible and reduces inflammation.

Like Father, Like Son

Le Club Original founder Moises was inspired to create his beautiful beach-themed collection after experiencing the joys of yachting and traveling with his children. Regardless of the ages, you can find the right trunks that will be comfortable and make you look great in the holiday pictures!