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3 Reasons To Wear Stylish Swim Trunks This Spring

by Savage Global |

Looking to invest in a new pair of swim trunks? You’re in the right place. At Le Club Original, we have all of the products you need to look and feel your best this spring, as we get ready for swimsuit season!


But maybe you’re second-guessing yourself – and you’re thinking about wearing the same worn-out pair of trunks you’ve had for the last couple years. Or (even worse!) you’re thinking about busting out those boardshorts from your old surfer days!


Don’t let swimwear be an afterthought. There are dozens of reasons that you should invest in stylish swim trunks this spring. However, we’ll just take a look at the top 3 reasons in this quick article.


  1. You’ll Feel More Self-Confident And Attractive


Wearing a pair of trunks that fits you well, flatters your appearance, and makes you comfortable will do wonders for your self-esteem.


A great pair of swim trunks is just like any other piece of clothing! When it fits well and looks great, you will feel much more confident and attractive – and you’ll be ready to take on the world.


  1. You Can Wear Stylish Swim Trunks Anywhere – From The Beach To Restaurants


Thinking about wearing your old, worn-out swim trunks to a restaurant after a long day at the pool, or at the beach? Think again! Even beachside, it’s tacky to wear worn-down or unfashionable swim trunks to restaurants, shops, and other places.


You’re not going to get kicked out if you wear your below-the-knee, bleach-stained trunks to a shop or restaurant – but you may get some odd looks.

However, a stylish pair of swim trunks can be dressed up to fit just about any occasion. Pair a subtle print like our Koral trunks with a chambray shirt and a pair of espadrilles, and you’re ready to go just about anywhere in style! 


You can wear a pair of stylish trunks wherever you want – and even just wear them like you would wear a pair of normal shorts. Talk about versatility!


  1. Traditional Board Shorts Are Unappealing – And Uncomfortable


Board shorts were very popular in the mid-2000s for most men – and quite a few guys still have them stashed in their closet. But not only are board shorts unappealing (in a GQ survey, most women said they preferred that guys wear other styles), they’re inconvenient and uncomfortable unless you’re a surfer.


This is because traditional board shorts are built of heavyweight material, and lack an inner lining/ elastic waistband. It’s assumed you will wear a rashguard underneath them, since they’re designed for surfers, and the heavier weight protects you from sand rashes if you take a spill on your board in shallow waters.


If you’re not surfing, there’s no reason to wear board shorts. They’re just not as good for relaxing and casual swimming. So don’t dig out that old pair of boardshorts from your closet – grab a new pair of trunks from Le Club Original Today!


Shop Our Bold Prints And Stylish Designs Today!


All of our trunks are built from high-quality soft-touch nylon that dries quickly. And with a modern cut and patterns, Le Club Original swimwear is built to flatter men of all shapes and sizes.


We even offer matching swim trunks for fathers and sons! If you’ve got a little one, you can purchase both an adult size and a children’s suit – and swagger along the beach in style, together!


So shop our selection today, and see how great you can look in designer swim trunks from Le Club Original.